Current trends in Education

Education is a life-long process initiated at home and carried on in schools and colleges which brings the fruits of labors later on in life. Every young mind is endowed with potentials and capabilities beyond one’s imagination. The most powerful weapon, i.e. education is a pure and invaluable tool for the students to discover the treasures within. But for decades in Nepal, the ultimate goal of education, on account of access to the advanced technology and globalization, has just been to be a pilot, doctor or a technician to make them able to sell their talents and brains to the highest bidder, or encourage them to get a better job without placing value in personal integrity. That is to say, the acquired education is supposed to be excessively concerned with physical comforts or the acquisition of wealth and material possessions, rather than with spiritual, intellectual, or cultural values. As a result, the educational qualification has not only been a nominal achievement but also a cause of long-term problem in society. Therefore, we are required to bring about effective changes in teaching and learning activities considering the current trends in education. For this, first and foremost, their mind should be trained to think positively, honestly, practically, wisely, and skillfully for the fulfillment of the human resource development in the country. In fact, our focus is to develop the students as global citizens with patience, tolerance, courage, respect and appreciation of diversified cultures and religions for a life learning experience.

We believe each child is unique, capable, and curious in the process of discovering how the global world works. We want to encourage this natural process by providing them with the kind of teaching and learning environment that will foster the development of all rounded children. Our balanced learning curriculum provides teachers with an instructional blueprint that enables them to promote and support children’s learning skills in multiple ways through listening, seeing, hearing, touching and playing. The students are often motivated to be involved in discussion, interaction and presentation. Above all, the application of the four skills (i.e., listening, speaking, reading & writing) in a balanced way is an effective method to prepare the students practically, smartly and skillfully for an ideal citizen and a bright future in the nation. Apart from the routine of academic enrichment, our priority is to develop positive mind set and inspire confidence in each child through carefully chosen academy, curriculum, library, sport, yoga, drama, digital classes, and cultural activities, particularly focusing on latest innovative modern research tools and techniques.