This school offers the students standard academic infrastructure, well-stocked library, well-equipped science lab, good computer lab, modern e-learning hall, sound yoga class and spacious play ground which are really accessible to all the students.

Can education be less about memorizing, and more about making memory? Can a lesson be touched, tasted, smelt and seen, instead of just reading? Can we mould empowered human beings, instead of just skilled students? At Bal Sansar, we can. Bal Sansar is such a school that has been established with the motto of the guardians and the need of imparting suitable and profound knowledge of the society, nation and of the global perspective where students are strongly encouraged to apply the techniques, ideas, and practical knowledge provided by the expert subject teachers, school and the whole school team.

Education is meant to bring out the best performance in child, develop his full potentials and integrate with himself, his surrounding, his country, and humanity so that he becomes a complete man of tomorrow. The more important aspects of an individual are his character, personality and values. Education is acquired for the nation by dint of knowledge a person has. Similarly, knowledge is possible by means of character traits of a person. It enhances the ideas, skill and identity. It should always be for the nation’s sake in times of need. So BSSS is committed to prepare such citizens who make the country come a long way by all possible means. Therefore, the process of education must be integral to both the mind and heart.

BSSS endeavors to groom children to blossom into ideal citizens of developing the country, Nepal that spreads the educational advantage all over the country and the world. It aims at all round development of the children in a systematic manner emphasizing physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual aspects of their personality. BSSS aspires to produce good citizens committed to the well-being of our great Nation.

With a culture that nurtures independent learning, Bal Sansar provides a supportive environment where individuals are valued and can flourish. Bal Sansar also offers early childhood education based on Montessori principle and philosophy with thematic approach.