Bal Sansar Secondary School, a shrine (temple) for learning, is a promising school established in 2015 by dynamic academicians and leaders at Makalbary, Kathmandu to serve the need of quality schooling in the context of 21st century. It has a plan to impart an excellent pragmatic and creative education to all its students for their best life career.

This is a school which is surrounded by pleasant, peaceful and serene atmosphere enriched by panoramic view of beautiful and charismatic Bagmati river bank and Gokarna forest. It is just a minute away from the Shankhu highway line near Dakshindhoka. The scenic and pristine location of Bal Sansar is uniquely suitable to provide a natural and nurturing environment to bring out the best outcome in our children and teach them the academics which can make them highly competitive to go against any sort of difficulties of the era. Moral value and life skill that will empower to lead them to be successful global citizen of our society